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Gefitinib Versus Placebo in Completely Resected Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Results of the NCIC CTG BR19 Study

by Glenwood D. Goss; Chris O'Callaghan; Ian Lorimer; Ming-Sound Tsao; Gregory A. Masters; James Jett; Martin J. Edelman; Rogerio Lilenbaum; Hak Choy; Fadlo Khuri; Katherine Pisters; David Gandara; Kemp Kernstine; Charles Butts; Jonathan Noble; Thomas A. Hensing; Kendrith Rowland; Joan Schiller; Keyue Ding; Frances A. Shepherd



Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase III Chemoprevention Trial of Selenium Supplementation in Patients With Resected Stage I Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: ECOG 5597

by Daniel D. Karp; Sandra J. Lee; Steven M. Keller; Gail Shaw Wright; Seena Aisner; Steven Alan Belinsky; David H. Johnson; Michael R. Johnston; Gary Goodman; Gerald Clamon; Gordon Okawara; Randolph Marks; Eric Frechette; Worta McCaskill-Stevens; Scott M. Lippman; John Ruckdeschel; Fadlo Khuri



Genetic Variants in the PI3K/PTEN/AKT/mTOR Pathway Predict Head and Neck Cancer Patient Second Primary Tumor/Recurrence Risk and Response to Retinoid Chemoprevention

by Michelle A. T. Hildebrandt; Scott M. Lippman; Carol J. Etzel; Edward Kim; J. Jack Lee; Fadlo Khuri; Margaret R. Spitz; Reuben Lotan; Waun Ki Hong; Xifeng Wu



Tyr26 phosphorylation of PGAM1 provides a metabolic advantage to tumours by stabilizing the active conformation

by Taro Hitosugi; Lu Zhou; Jun Fan; Shannon Elf; Liang Zhang; Jianxin Xie; Yi Wang; Ting-Lei Gu; Masa Aleckovic; Gary LeRoy; Yibin Kang; HeeBum Kang; Jae-Ho Seo; Changliang Shan; Peng Jin; Weimin Gong; Sagar Lonial; Martha Arellano; H Jean Khoury; Georgia Chen; Dong M Shin; Fadlo Khuri; Titus J. Boggon; Sumin Kang; Chuan He; Jing Chen



Tyrosine phosphorylation of mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1 is important for cancer metabolism

by Taro Hitosugi; Jun Fan; Tae-Wook Chung; Katherine Lythgoe; Xu Wang; Jianxin Xie; Qingyuan Ge; Ting-Lei Gu; Roberto D. Polakiewicz; Johannes L. Roesel; Georgia Chen; Titus J. Boggon; Sagar Lonial; Haian Fu; Fadlo Khuri; Sumin Kang; Jing Chen



Phosphoglycerate mutase 1 coordinates glycolysis and biosynthesis to promote tumor growth

by Taro Hitosugi; Lu Zhou; Shannon Elf; Jun Fan; HeeBum Kang; Jae Ho Seo; Changliang Shan; Qing Dai; Liang Zhang; Jianxin Xie; Ting-Lei Gu; Peng Jin; Masa Aleckovic; Gary LeRoy; Yibin Kang; Jessica A. Sudderth; Ralph J. DeBerardinis; Chi-Hao Luan; Georgia Chen; Susan Muller; Dong M Shin; Taofeek K Owonikoko; Sagar Lonial; Martha L. Arellano; H Jean Khoury; Fadlo Khuri; Benjamin H. Lee; Keqiang Ye; Titus J. Boggon; Sumin Kang; Chuan He; Jing Chen