Francisco Alvarez PhD


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The Role of Microglia in Neuroinflammation of the Spinal Cord after Peripheral Nerve Injury

by Tana S Pottorf; Travis M Rotterman; William M McCallum; Zoë A Haley-Johnson; Francisco Alvarez; Francisco Alvarez




Alterations in the motor neuron-Renshaw cell circuit in the Sod1G93A mouse model

by Hanna Wootz; Eileen FitzSimons-Kantamneni; Martin Larhammar; Travis M. Rotterman; Anders Enjin; Kalicharan Patra; Elodie Andre; Brigitte van Zundert; Klas Kullander; Francisco Alvarez



V1 and V2b Interneurons Secure the Alternating Flexor-Extensor Motor Activity Mice Require for Limbed Locomotion

by Jingming Zhang; Guillermo M. Lanuza; Olivier Britz; Zhi Wang; Valerie C. Siembab; Ying Zhang; Tomoka Velasquez; Francisco Alvarez; Eric Frank; Martyn Goulding