Frances Eun-Hyung Lee MD

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Phone: 404-712-2168


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Assoc Professor

SOM: Medicine: Pulmonary

School Of Medicine

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Epigenetic programming underpins B cell dysfunction in human SLE

by Ignacio Sanz; Frances Lee; Jeremy Boss; Arezou Khosroshahi; Scott Jenks; Christopher Scharer; Tsuneo Deguchi; EL Blalock; T Mi; BG Barwick; KS Cashman; BE Neary; DG Patterson; SL Hicks; C Wei



Prenatal maternal anxiety predicts reduced adaptive immunity in infants

by Thomas G. O'Connor; Marcia A. Winter; Julianne Hunn; Jennifer Carnahan; Eva K. Pressman; Vivette Glover; Emma Robertson-Blackmore; Jan A. Moynihan; Frances Eun-Hyung Lee; Mary T. Caserta



Increase in IFN gamma-IL-2(+) Cells in Recent Human CD4 T Cell Responses to 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza

by Jason M. Weaver; Hongmei Yang; David Roumanes; Frances Eun-Hyung Lee; Hulin Wu; John J. Treanor; Tim R. Mosmann



Decreased influenza-specific B cell responses in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with antitumor necrosis factor

by James J. Kobie; Bo Zheng; Peter Bryk; Michael Barnes; Christopher T. Ritchlin; Darren A. Tabechian; Allen P. Anandarajah; R. John Looney; Ralf G. Thiele; Jennifer H. Anolik; Andreea Coca; Chungwen Wei; Alexander F. Rosenberg; Changyong Feng; John J. Treanor; Frances Eun-Hyung Lee; Ignacio Sanz