Fawn C Connor-Stroud DVM


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Dynamics and origin of rebound viremia in SHIV-infected infant macaques following interruption of long-term ART

by Guido Silvestri; Fawn Connor-Stroud; Ann Chahroudi; Philip Santangelo; Jennifer Wood; Thomas Vanderford; V Obregon-Perko; KM Bricker; G Mensah; F Uddin; L Rotolo; D Vanover; Y Desai; S Jean; S Ehnert; SJ Berendam; S Liang; KJ Bar; GM Shaw; A Kumar; GG Fouda; SR Permar



Baricitinib treatment resolves lower-airway macrophage inflammation and neutrophil recruitment in SARS-CoV-2-infected rhesus macaques

by Guido Silvestri; Steven Bosinger; Fawn Connor-Stroud; Sudhir Kasturi; Jennifer Wood; Joyce Cohen; Raymond Schinazi; Sherrie Jean; Sanjeev Gumber; Mirko Paiardini; Thomas Vanderford; Sijia Tao; Rebecca Levit; Jesse Waggoner; Keivan Zandi; Rafick-Pierre Sekaly; Anne Piantadosi; Peter Filev; Rachelle Stammen; Amit Upadhyay; TN Hoang; M Pino; AK Boddapati; EG Viox; CE Starke; M Nekorchuk; K Busman-Sahay; Z Strongin; JL Harper; GK Tharp; KL Pellegrini; S Kirejczyk; TR Horton; EN Beagle; EA Mahar; MYH Lee; OM Delmas; S Wang; KA Cooney; MN Sayegh; L Wang; D Weiskopf; H Al-Shakhshir; SP Ribeiro; JD Estes



Comparison of the vaginal environment in rhesus and cynomolgus macaques pre- and post-lactobacillus colonization

by Gregory J Daggett Jr; Chunxia Zhao; Fawn Connor-Stroud; Patricia Oviedo-Moreno; Michael W Cho; Thomas Moench; Deborah J Anderson; Francois Villinger



Germline transmission in transgenic Huntington's disease monkeys

by Sean Moran; Tim Chi; Melinda S. Prucha; Kwang Sung Ahn; Fawn Connor-Stroud; Sherrie Jean; Kenneth Gould; Anthony Chan



AIDS and optic neuritis in a rhesus monkey infected with the R5 clade C SHIV-1157ipd3N4

by Anapatricia Garcia; Nagadenahalli B. Siddappa; Qingsheng Li; Ashley T. Haase; Katherine Paul; Fawn C Connor-Stroud; Xiaodong Zhang; A Jack Fountain Jr.; Francois Villinger; Francis J. Novembre; James Else; W. Evan Secor; Ruth M. Ruprecht