Franck Amblard

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Synthesis and evaluation of non-dimeric HCV NS5A inhibitors

by Franck Amblard; HongWang Zhang; Longhu Zhou; Junxing Shi; Drew R. Bobeck; James H Nettles; Satish Chavre; Tamara R. McBrayer; Philip Tharnish; Tony Whitaker; Steven Coats; Raymond F Schinazi



Synthesis, antiviral activity, and stability of nucleoside analogs containing tricyclic bases

by Franck Amblard; Emilie Fromentin; Mervi Acuzar Detorio; Alexander Obikhod; Kimberly L. Rapp; Tamara R. McBrayer; Tony Whitaker; Steven J. Coats; Raymond F Schinazi



Synthesis and evaluation of 3'-azido-2',3'-dideoxypurine nucleosides as inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus

by Zhang Hong-wang; Steven J. Coats; Lavanya Bondada; Franck Amblard; Mervi Acuzar Detorio; Ghazia Asif; Emilie Fromentin; Sarah Solomon; Aleksandr Obikhod; Tony Whitaker; Nicolas Sluis-Cremer; John W. Mellors; Raymond F Schinazi



Synthesis and evaluation of novel potent HCV NS5A inhibitors

by HongWang Zhang; Longhu Zhou; Franck Amblard; Junxing Shi; Drew R. Bobeck; Sijia Tao; Tamara R. McBrayer; Phillip Tharnish; Tony Whitaker; Steven J. Coats; Raymond F Schinazi



Synthesis of Nucleoside Phosphate and Phosphonate Prodrugs

by Ugo Pradere; Ethel C. Garnier-Amblard; Steven J. Coats; Franck Amblard; Raymond F Schinazi