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SOM: Cell Biology: Admin

School Of Medicine

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SAMHD1 Promotes DNA End Resection to Facilitate DNA Repair by Homologous Recombination

by Waaqo Daddacha; Allyson E. Koyen; Amanda J. Bastien; Pamela Sara E. Head; Vishal R. Dhere; Geraldine N. Nabeta; Erin C. Connolly; Erica Werner; Matthew Z. Madden; Michele B. Daly




BLOC-1 Complex Deficiency Alters the Targeting of Adaptor Protein Complex-3 Cargoes

by G. Salazar; B. Craige; M. L. Styers; K. A. Newell-Litwa; M. M. Doucette; B. H. Wainer; J. M. Falcon-Perez; E. C. Dell'Angelica; A. A. Peden; Erica Werner; Victor Faundez