Emir Veledar PhD

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Phone: 404-712-0281

Email: eveleda@emory.edu

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Adjunct Asst Professor

SOM: Medicine: Cardiology

School Of Medicine

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  • Florida international University, Miami
  • Baptist Health South Florida

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Emir Veledar, biostatistician, leads analytical teams, conducts advanced statistical analyses, designs research activities, analyzes complex data sets and reports results. His wish - to create a center of analytics excellence.

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Racial disparities in fifth-grade sun protection: Evidence from the Healthy Passages study

by Emir Veledar; Suephy Chen; Christina M. Correnti; David J. Klein; Marc N. Elliott; Mona Saraiya; Alyna T. Chien; David C. Schwebel; Sylvie Mrug; Susan R. Tortolero; Paula M. Cuccaro; Mark A. Schuster



Cooperative benefit for the combination of rapamycin and imatinib in tuberous sclerosis complex neoplasia

by Baskaran Govindarajan; Laura Willoughby; Hamid Band; Adam S. Curatolo; Emir Veledar; Suephy Chen; Michael Y. Bonner; Matin-Garrido Abel; Marsha A. Mosses; Jack Arbiser



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Incidence of Coronary Heart Disease

by Viola Vaccarino; Jack Goldberg; Cherie Rooks; Amit J. Shah; Emir Veledar; Tracy L. Faber; John R Votaw; Christopher W. Forsberg; J. Douglas Bremner



Prognostic Value of Stress Myocardial Perfusion Positron Emission Tomography Results From a Multicenter Observational Registry

by Sharmila Dorbala; Marcelo F. Di Carli; Rob S. Beanlands; Michael E. Merhige; Brent A. Williams; Emir Veledar; Benjamin JW. Chow; James K. Min; Michael J. Pencina; Daniel S. Berman; Leslee J Shaw



The Tongue Enables Computer and Wheelchair Control for People with Spinal Cord Injury

by Jeonghee Kim; Hangue Park; Joy Bruce; Erica Sutton; Diane Rowles; Deborah Pucci; Jaimee Holbrook; Julia Minocha; Beatrice Nardone; Dennis West; Anne Laumann; Eliot Roth; Mike Jones; Emir Veledar; Maysam Ghovanloo