Esmeralda Meyer MD, JM


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  • Juris Master, Emory University, 2018

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Esmeralda Meyer is the Associate Biosafety Officer and EHSO Assistant Director at Emory University. Prior to joining EHSO in 2014, she was a bench scientist working in malaria at the Yerkes Primate Center. Her professional background includes a medical degree from Universidad del Rosario – Colombia, and a Juris Masters from Emory University. She is a member of ABSA since 2015, received her RBP certification in 2017 and CBPS certification in 2019. In her role of Assoc. BSO, she manages the registration of biological agents used in research laboratories and high containment facilities. Her areas of interest include the handling of hazardous compounds, the latest decontamination technologies, biosafety issues associated with handling experimental animals, occupational health, new molecular technologies, and legal aspects associated with biological safety, and environmental compliance. Esmeralda enjoys giving back to the biosafety community by volunteering her time with ABSA as the Vice-Chair of the TRR Committee and Co-Chairs the Emerging Infectious Diseases Committee (EIDC). She also serves as a reviewer for the LAI database and the Applied Biosafety Journal.

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MaHPIC malaria systems biology data from Plasmodium cynomolgi sporozoite longitudinal infections in macaques

by Jeremy D DeBarry; Mustafa V Nural; Suman B Pakala; Vishal Nayak; Susanne Warrenfeltz; Jay Humphrey; Stacey A Lapp; Monica Cabrera-Mora; Cristiana FA Brito; Jianlin Jiang; Celia L Saney; Allison Hankus; Hannah M Stealey; Megan B DeBarry; Nicolas Lackman; Noah Legall; Kevin Lee; Yan Tang; Anuj Gupta; Elizabeth D Trippe; Robert R Bridger; Daniel Brent Weatherly; Mariko S Peterson; Xuntian Jiang; ViLinh Tran; Karan Uppal; Luis L Fonseca; Chester J Joyner; Ebru Karpuzoglu; Regina J Cordy; Esmeralda Meyer; Lance L Wells; Daniel S Ory; Frances Lee; Rabindra Tirouvanziam; Juan B Gutiérrez; Chris Ibegbu; Tracey J Lamb; Jan Pohl; Sarah T Pruett; Dean Jones; Mark P Styczynski; Eberhard Voit; Alberto Moreno; Mary Galinski; Jessica C Kissinger



Naturally acquired humoral and cellular immune responses to Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 9 in Northwestern Amazon individuals

by J. C. Lima-Junior; T. M. Tran; Esmeralda L. Meyer; B. Singh; S. G. De-Simone; F. Santos; C. T. Daniel-Ribeiro; Alberto Moreno; J. W. Barnwell; Mary R Galinski; J. Oliveira-Ferreira



Sphingolipid AnaloguesInhibit Development of MalariaParasites

by Esmeralda V S Meyer; Jason J. Holt; Kathryn R. Girard; Mark T. Ballie; Anatoliy S. Bushnev; Stacey Lapp; David Menaldino; Richard Franklin Arrendale; Prabhakar Reddy Gruddanti; Taylor J. Evers; Randy B. Howard; Deborah Culver; Dennis C Liotta; Mary R Galinski; Michael George Natchus



In silico Identification and Validation of a Linear and Naturally Immunogenic B-Cell Epitope of the Plasmodium vivax Malaria Vaccine Candidate Merozoite Surface Protein-9

by Rodrigo Nunes Rodrigues-da-Silva; João Hermínio Martins da Silva; Balwan Singh; Jianlin Jiang; Esmeralda Meyer; Fátima Santos; Dalma Maria Banic; Alberto Moreno; Mary Galinski; Joseli Oliveira-Ferreira; Josué da Costa Lima-Junior



Comparative transcriptomics and metabolomics in a rhesus macaque drug administration study.

by Kevin J. Lee; Weiwei Yin; Dalia Arafat; Yan Tang; Karan Uppal; ViLinh Tran; Monica Cabrera-Mora; Stacey Lapp; C. Moreno; Esmeralda Meyer; Jeremy D. DeBarry; Suman Pakala; Vishal Nayak; Jessica C. Kissinger; Dean Jones; Mary Galinski; Mark P. Styczynski; Greg Gibson