Edward T Morgan PhD


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A non-lethal malarial infection results in reduced drug metabolizing enzyme expression and drug clearance in mice

by Sylvie M. Mimche; Choon-myung Lee; Ken H. Liu; Patrice N. Mimche; R Donald Harvey; Thomas J. Murphy; Beatrice A. Nyagode; Dean P Jones; Tracey J. Lamb; Edward T Morgan



Regulation of drug metabolism and toxicity by multiple factors of genetics, epigenetics, lncRNAs, gut microbiota, and diseases: a meeting report of the 21st International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations (MDO)

by Ai-Ming Yu; Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg; Nathan J. Cherrington; Lauren M. Aleksunes; Ulrich M. Zanger; Wen Xie; Hyunyoung Jeong; Edward T Morgan; Peter J. Turnbaugh; Curtis D. Klaassen; Aadra P. Bhatt; Matthew R. Redinbo; Pengying Hao; David J. Waxman; Li Wang; Xiao-bo Zhong



The receptor tyrosine kinase EphB2 promotes hepatic fibrosis in mice

by Patrice N. Mimche; Lauren M. Brady; Christian F. Bray; Sylvie M. Mimche; Manoj Thapa; Thayer P. King; Kendra Quicke; Courtney D. McDermott; Choon Lee; Arash Grakoui; Edward T Morgan; Tracey Lamb