Eli S Rosenberg PhD

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Phone: 404-712-8897

Email: esrose2@emory.edu

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Adjunct Asst Professor

SPH: Epidemiology

School Of Public Health

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Estimating Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in the United States, 2013-2016

by John Ward; Eli Rosenberg; MG Hofmeister; EM Rosenthal; LK Barker; MA Barranco; EW Hall; BR Edlin; J Mermin; AB Ryerson



Prolonged Detection of Zika Virus Nucleic Acid Among Symptomatic Pregnant Women: A Cohort Study

by Eli Rosenberg; Gabriella Paz-Bailey; MJ Lozier; K Doyle; L Adams; L Klein; J Munoz-Jordan; LI Alvarado; TM Sharp



Safety and Acceptability of Couples HIV Testing and Counseling for US Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Randomized Prevention Study

by Patrick S Sullivan; Darcy White; Eli S Rosenberg; Jasper Barnes; Jeb Jones; Sharoda Dasgupta; Brandon O'Hara; Lamont Scales; Laura F. Salazar; Gina M Wingood; Ralph Joseph Diclemente; Kristin Wall; Colleen Hoff; Beau Gratzer; Susan A Allen; Robert Stephenson



Does Screening in the Emergency Department Hurt or Help Victims of Intimate Partner Violence?

by Debra E Houry; Nadine Kaslow; Robin S. Kemball; Louise Anne McNutt; Catherine Cerulli; Helen Straus; Eli S Rosenberg; Chengxing Lu; Karin V. Rhodes