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An Ancient CFTR Ortholog Informs Molecular Evolution in ABC Transporters

by Guiying Cui; Jeong Hong; Yu-Wen Chung-Davidson; Daniel Infield; Xin Xu; Jindong Li; Luba Simhaev; Netaly Khazanov; Brandon Stauffer; Barry Imhoff; Kirsten Cottrill; J. Edwin Blalock; Weiming Li; Hanoch Senderowitz; Eric Sorscher; Nael McCarty; Amit Gaggar



Ribosomal Stalk Protein Silencing Partially Corrects the Delta F508-CFTR Functional Expression Defect

by Guido Veit; Kathryn Oliver; Pirjo Apaja; Doranda Perdomo; Aurélien Bidaud-Meynard; Sheng-Ting Lin; Jingyu Guo; Mert Icyuz; Eric Sorscher; John L. Hartman IV; Gergely L. Lukacs



The CFTR P67L variant reveals a key role for N-terminal lasso helices in channel folding, maturation, and pharmacologic rescue

by Carleen Mae Sabusap; Disha Joshi; Luba Simhaev; Kathryn Oliver; Hanoch Senderowitz; Marcel van Willigen; Ineke Brakkman; Andras Rab; Eric Sorscher; Jeong Hong



LPS decreases CFTR open probability and mucociliary transport through generation of reactive oxygen species

by Eric Sorscher; DY Cho; S Zhang; A Lazrak; D Skinner; HM Thompson; J Grayson; P Guroji; S Aggarwal; Z Bebok; SM Rowe; S Matalon; BA Woodworth



Targeted Gene Insertion for Functional CFTR Restoration in Airway Epithelium

by Cristina Barilla; Shingo Suzuki; Andras Rab; Eric Sorscher; Brian R. Davis



Marine Natural Products as Leads against SARS-CoV-2 Infection

by Eric Sorscher; Stefan Sarafianos; Philip Tedbury; BK Chhetri; AM Sweeney-Jones; L Mani; K Soapi; C Manfredi; J Kubanek



Development of an airway mucus defect in the cystic fibrosis rat

by Susan Birket; Joy M. Davis; Courtney Fernandez; Katherine Tuggle; Ashley M. Oden; Kengyeh K. Chu; Guillermo J. Tearney; Michelle Fanucchi; Eric J. Sorscher; Steven Rowe



Global assessment of the integrated stress response in CF patient-derived airway and intestinal tissues

by Eric Sorscher; Kathryn Oliver; GB Bampi; R Rauscher; S Kirchner; MJC Bijvelds; LA Santos; J Wagner; RA Frizzell; HR de Jonge; Z Ignatova