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SON: Academic Advancement

School Of Nursing

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Using the Robson 10-Group Classification System to Compare Cesarean Birth Utilization Between US Centers With and Without Midwives

by Denise Colter Smith; Julia C. Phillippi; Nancy K. Lowe; Rachel Blankstein Breman; Nicole Carlson; Jeremy L. Neal; Eric Gutierrez; Ellen L. Tilden



Parturition dysfunction in obesity: time to target the pathobiology

by Nicole Carlson; Teri L. Hernandez; K. Joseph Hurt



Likelihood of cesarean birth among parous women after applying leading active labor diagnostic guidelines

by Jeremy L. Neal; Nancy K. Lowe; Julia C. Phillippi; Nicole Smith Carlson; Amy M. Knupp; Mary S. Dietrich



Midwifery presence in United States medical centers and labor care and birth outcomes among low-risk nulliparous women: A Consortium on Safe Labor study

by Jeremy L. Neal; Nicole Smith Carlson; Julia C. Phillippi; Ellen L. Tilden; Denise C. Smith; Rachel B. Breman; Mary S. Dietrich; Nancy K. Lowe



Applying a physiologic partograph to Consortium on Safe Labor data to identify opportunities for safely decreasing cesarean births among nulliparous women

by Jeremy L. Neal; Nancy K. Lowe; Aaron B. Caughey; Kelly A. Bennett; Ellen L. Tilden; Nicole Carlson; Julia C. Phillippi; Mary S. Dietrich