Eduard Schreibmann


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A Novel Approach to Determining Tumor Progression Using a Three-Site Pilot Clinical Trial of Spectroscopic MRI-Guided Radiation Dose Escalation in Glioblastoma

by Karthik K Ramesh; Vicki Huang; Jeffery Rosenthal; Eric A Mellon; Mohammed Goryawala; Peter B Barker; Saumya S Gurbani; Anuradha G Trivedi; Alexander S Giuffrida; Eduard Schreibmann; Hui Han; Marcarena de le Fuente; Erin M Dunbar; Matthias Holdhoff; Lawrence R Kleinberg; Hui-Kuo Shu; Hyunsuk Shim; Brent Weinberg



A multi-institutional pilot clinical trial of spectroscopic MRI-guided radiation dose escalation for newly diagnosed glioblastoma

by Karthik Ramesh; Eric A Mellon; Saumya S Gurbani; Brent Weinberg; Eduard Schreibmann; Sulaiman A Sheriff; Mohammed Goryawala; Macarena De Le Fuente; Bree Eaton; Jim Zhong; Alfredo Voloschin; Soma Sengupta; Erin M Dunbar; Matthias Holdhoff; Peter B Barker; Andrew A Maudsley; Lawrence R Kleinberg; Hyunsuk Shim; Hui-Kuo Shu



Onboard cone-beam CT-based replan evaluation for head and neck proton therapy

by Alexander Stanforth; Liyong Lin; Jonathan Beitler; James R Janopaul-Naylor; Chih-Wei Chang; Robert H Press; Sagar Patel; Jennifer Zhao; Bree Eaton; Eduard Schreibmann; James Jung; Duncan Bohannon; Tian Liu; Xiaofeng Yang; Mark McDonald; Jun Zhou