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Peripheral myelin protein 22 alters membrane architecture.

by Kathleen F. Mittendorf; Justin T. Marinko; Cheri M. Hampton; Zunlong Ke; Arina Hadziselimovic; Jonathan P. Schlebach; Cheryl L. Law; Jun Li; Elizabeth Wright; Charles R. Sanders; Melanie D. Ohi



Structural Analysis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Reveals the Position of M2-1 between the Matrix Protein and the Ribonucleoprotein Complex

by Gabriella Kiss; Jens M. Holl; Grant M. Williams; Eric Alonas; Daryll Vanover; Aaron W. Lifland; Manasa Gudheti; Ricardo C. Guerrero-Ferreira; Vinod Nair; Hong Yi; Barney S. Graham; Philip Santangelo; Elizabeth R. Wright



Alternative mechanism for bacteriophage adsorption to the motile bacterium Caulobacter crescentus

by Ricardo C. Guerrero-Ferreira; Patrick H. Viollier; Bert Ely; Jeanne S. Poindexter; Maria Georgieva; Grant J. Jensen; Elizabeth R. Wright



Two RSV Platforms for G, F, or G plus F Proteins VLPs

by Binh Ha; Jie E. Yang; Xuemin Chen; Samadhan J. Jadhao; Elizabeth Wright; Larry Anderson



A live RSV vaccine with engineered thermostability is immunogenic in cotton rats despite high attenuation

by Christopher C. Stobart; Christina Rostad; Zunlong Ke; Rebecca S. Dillard; Cheri M. Hampton; Joshua D. Strauss; Hong Yi; Anne L. Hotard; Jia Meng; Raymond J. Pickles; Kaori Sakamoto; Sujin Lee; Michael G. Currier; Syed M. Moin; Barney S. Graham; Marina S. Boukhvalova; Brian E. Gilbert; Jorge C.G. Blanco; Pedro A. Piedra; Elizabeth Wright; Martin Moore



Receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB2 translocates into mitochondria and regulates cellular metabolism

by Yan Ding; Zixing Liu; Shruti Desai; Yuhua Zhao; Hao Liu; Lewis K Pannell; Hong Yi; Elizabeth R. Wright; Laurie B Owen; Windy Dean-Colomb; Oystein Fodstad; Jianrong Lu; Susan P LeDoux; Glenn L Wilson; Ming Tan



The Opportunistic Pathogen Vibrio vulnificus Produces Outer Membrane Vesicles in a Spatially Distinct Manner Related to Capsular Polysaccharide

by Cheri M. Hampton; Ricardo C. Guerrero-Ferreira; Rachel E. Storms; Jeannette V. Taylor; Hong Yi; Paul A. Gulig; Elizabeth R. Wright



The Ms6 Mycolyl-Arabinogalactan Esterase LysB is Essential for an Efficient Mycobacteriophage-Induced Lysis

by Adriano M. Gigante; Cheri M. Hampton; Rebecca S. Dillard; Filipa Gil; Maria João Catalao; José Moniz-Pereira; Elizabeth R. Wright; Madalena Pimentel



De- and repolarization mechanism of flagellar morphogenesis during a bacterial cell cycle

by Nicole J. Davis; Yaniv Cohen; Stefano Sanselicio; Coralie Fumeaux; Shogo Ozaki; Jennifer Luciano; Ricardo C. Guerrero-Ferreira; Elizabeth R. Wright; Urs Jenal; Patrick. H. Viollier



Correlated fluorescence microscopy and cryo-electron tomography of virus-infected or transfected mammalian cells

by Cheri M Hampton; Joshua D Strauss; Zunlong Ke; Rebecca S Dillard; Jason Hammonds; Eric Alonas; Tanay M Desai; Mariana Marin; Rachel E Storms; Fredrick Leon; Gregory Melikian; Philip J. Santangelo; Paul Spearman; Elizabeth R. Wright