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Urinary, Fecal, and Dual Incontinence in Older US Adults

by Jennifer M. Wu; Catherine A. Matthews; Camille Vaughan; Alayne D. Markland



Increased odds of bladder and bowel symptoms in early Parkinson's disease

by Monica Serra; Alexus Landry; Jorge Juncos; Alayne D. Markland; Kathryn L. Burgio; Patricia S. Goode; Theodore M Johnson II; Elizabeth Vaughan



Vitamin D and incident urinary incontinence in older adults

by Elizabeth Vaughan; Vin Tangpricha; Nary Motahar; Patricia S Goode; Kathryn L Burgio; Richard M Allman; Shanette G Daigle; David T Redden; Alayne D Markland



Infections associated with haemophagocytic syndrome

by Nadine Rouphael; Naasha Talati; Camille Vaughan; Kelly Cunningham; Roger Moreira; Carolyn Gould



Prevalence and Trends of Symptomatic Pelvic Floor Disorders in US Women

by Jennifer M. Wu; Camille Vaughan; Patricia S. Goode; David T. Redden; Kathryn L. Burgio; Holly E. Richter; Alayne D. Markland



An Interdisciplinary Academic Detailing Approach to Decrease Inappropriate Medication Prescribing by Physician Residents for Older Veterans Treated in the Emergency Department

by Jason M. Moss; William E. Bryan, III; Loren M. Wilkerson; Heather A. King; George L. Jackson; Ryan K. Owenby; Courtney H. Van Houtven; Melissa Stevens; James Powers; Camille Vaughan; William W. Hung; Ula Hwang; Alayne D. Markland; Richard Sloane; William Knaack; Susan Nicole Hastings



Nocturia is Associated with Poor Sleep Quality Among Older Women in the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures

by Constance H. Fung; Elizabeth Vaughan; Alayne D Markland; Alison J. Huang; Michael N. Mitchell; Donald Bliwise; Sonia Ancoli-Israel; Susan Redline; Cathy A Alessi; Katie Stone