Edward Chen MD


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Works 1-8 of 8


Contemporary Results for Proximal Aortic Replacement in North America

by Judson B. Williams; Eric D. Peterson; Yue Zhao; Sean M. O'Brien; Nicholas D. Andersen; D. Craig Miller; Edward Chen; G. Chad Hughes



Cardiothoracic surgeons in pandemics: Ethical considerations

by Allan Pickens; Edward Chen; Kathleen Kinlaw; D Drake; CD Morrow; M De Bonis; A Zangrillo; RM Sade



A meta-analysis of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest alone versus adjunctive selective antegrade cerebral perfusion

by Edward Chen; DH Tian; B Wan; PG Bannon; M Misfeld; SA Lemaire; T Kazui; NT Kouchoukos; JA Elefteriades; JE Bavaria; JS Coselli; RB Griepp; R Mohr; A Oo; LG Svensson; GC Hughes; MJ Underwood; TM Sundt; TD Yan