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Cryptic glucocorticoid receptor-binding sites pervade genomic NF-κB response elements

by William Hudson; Ian Michelle S. de Vera; Jerome C. Nwachukwu; Emily R. Weikum; Austin G. Herbst; Qin Yang; David L. Bain; Kendall W. Nettles; Douglas J. Kojetin; Eric Ortlund



Enantiomer-specific activities of an LRH-1 and SF-1 dual agonist

by Suzanne G. Mays; Józef Stec; Xu Liu; Emma H. D'Agostino; Richard J. Whitby; Eric Ortlund



Identification of a small molecular insulin receptor agonist with potent antidiabetes activity

by Guifen Qiang; Jenny J. Yang; Guanhua Du; Xiaobin Pang; Xiaoting Li; Devrishi Goswami; Patrick R. Griffin; Eric Ortlund; Chi Chan; Keqiang Ye



Lysosome lipid signalling from the periphery to neurons regulates longevity

by Eric Ortlund; M Savini; A Folick; Y-T Lee; F Jin; A Cuevas; MC Tillman; JD Duffy; Q Zhao; IA Neve; P-W Hu; Y Yu; Q Zhang; Y Ye; WB Mair; J Wang; L Han; MC Wang



Chemical systems biology reveals mechanisms of glucocorticoid receptor signaling

by Eric Ortlund; Xu Liu; NE Bruno; JC Nwachukwu; S Srinivasan; CC Nettles; T Izard; Z Jin; J Nowak; MD Cameron; SV Boregowda; DG Phinney; O Elemento; R Houtman; DA Stavreva; GL Hager; TM Kamenecka; DJ Kojetin; KW Nettles



Interleukin-13 drives metabolic conditioning of muscle to endurance exercise

by Eric Ortlund; Jonathan Kim; NH Knudsen; KJ Stanya; AL Hyde; MM Chalom; RK Alexander; Y-H Liou; KA Starost; MR Gangl; D Jacobi; S Liu; DH Sopariwala; D Fonseca-Pereira; J Li; FB Hu; WS Garrett; VA Narkar; CM Paton; JA Cooper; C-H Lee



Resurrection of a functional phosphatidylinositol transfer protein from a pseudo-Sec14 scaffold by directed evolution

by Gabriel Schaaf; Marek Dynowski; Carl J. Mousley; Sweety D. Shah; Peihua Yuan; Eva M. Winklbauer; Marília K. F. de Campos; Kyle Trettin, Trettin; Mary-Chely Quinones; Tatyana I. Smirnova; Lora L. Yanagisawa; Vytas A. Bankaitis; Eric Ortlund