Edjah Nduom

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Phone: 404-778-7623

Email: edjah.k.nduom@emory.edu

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SOM: Neurosurgery: Admin

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The effect of an adenosine - A(2A) agonist on intra-tumoral concentrations of temozolomide in patients with recurrent glioblastoma

by Sadhana Jackson; Jon Weingart; Edjah Nduom; Thura T. Harfi; Richard T. George; Dorothea McAreavey; Xiaobu Ye; Nicole M. Anders; Cody Peer; William D. Figg; Mark Gilbert; Michelle A. Rudek; Stuart A. Grossman



Clinical decision making in the era of immunotherapy for high grade-glioma: report of four cases

by Surabhi Ranjan; Martha Quezado; Nancy Garren; Lisa Boris; Christine Siegel; Osorio Lopes Abath Neto; Brett J. Theeler; Deric M. Park; Edjah Nduom; Kareem A. Zaghloul; Mark R. Gilbert; Jing Wu