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Roux-en-Y gastric bypass-induced bacterial perturbation contributes to altered host-bacterial co-metabolic phenotype

by Edward Lin; JV Li; H Ashrafian; M Sarafian; D Homola; L Rushton; G Barker; PM Cabrera; MR Lewis; A Darzi; NA Gletsu-Miller; SL Atkin; T Sathyapalan; NJ Gooderham; JK Nicholson; JR Marchesi; T Athanasiou; E Holmes



Determinants and Functional Significance of Renal Parenchymal Volume in Adults

by Samuel Johnson; Rahul Rishi; Andreea Andone; Wassim Khawandi; Jafar Al-Said; Nana Gletsu-Miller; Edward Lin; Deborah A Baumgarten; W Charles O'Neill



Prospective randomized controlled trial of an injectable esophageal prosthesis versus a sham procedure for endoscopic treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease

by Paul Fockens; Lawrence Cohen; Steven A. Edmundowicz; Kenneth Binmoeller; Richard I. Rothstein; Daniel Smith; Edward Lin; Nicholas Nickl; Bergein Overholt; Peter J. Kahrilas; Niish Vakil; Ayman M. Abdel Aziz Hassan; Glen A. Lehman