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The Role of Public-Private Partnerships to Increase Access to Contraception in an Emergency Response Setting: The Zika Contraception Access Network Program

by Lisa Romero; Zipatly V. Mendoza; Laura Croft; Reema Bhakta; Turqouise Sidibe; Nabal Bracero; Claritsa Malave; Alicia Suarez; Linette Sanchez; Darielys Cordero; Eva Lathrop; Judith Monroe



The Zika Contraception Access Network: a feasibility programme to increase access to contraception in Puerto Rico during the 2016–17 Zika virus outbreak

by Eva Lathrop; Lisa Romero; Stacey Hurst; Nabal Bracero; Lauren B. Zapata; Meghan T. Frey; Maria I. Rivera; Erin Nicole Berry-Bibee; Margaret A. Honein; Judith Monroe; Denise J. Jamieson



The methodology for developing a prospective meta-analysis in the family planning community

by David K. Turok; Eve Espey; Alison B. Edelman; Pamela S. Lotke; Eva Lathrop; Stephanie B. Teal; Janet C. Jacobson; Sara E. Simonsen; Kenneth F. Schulz