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Identification of 16q21 as a modifier of nonsyndromic orofacial cleft phenotypes

by Jenna C. Carlson; Jennifer Standley; Aline Petrin; John R Shaffer; Azeez Butali; Carmen J. Buxo; Eduardo Castilla; Kaare Christensen; Frederic W-D Deleyiannis; Jacqueline T. Hecht; L. Leigh Field; Ariuntuul Garidkhuu; Lina M. Moreno Uribe; Natsume Nagato; Ieda M. Orioli; Carmencita Padilla; Fernando Poletta; Satoshi Suzuki; Alexandre R. Vieira; George L. Wehby; Seth M. Weinberg; Terri H. Beaty; Eleanor Feingold; Jeffrey C. Murray; Mary L. Marazita; Elizabeth Leslie



Genome-wide Interaction Study Implicates VGLL2 and Alcohol Exposure and PRL and Smoking in Orofacial Cleft Risk

by Elizabeth Leslie; Jenna C Carlson; John R Shaffer; Fred Deleyiannis; Jacqueline T Hecht; George L Wehby; Kaare Christensen; Eleanor Feingold; Seth M Weinberg; Mary L Marazita



Genome-Wide Association Study of Non-syndromic Orofacial Clefts in a Multiethnic Sample of Families and Controls Identifies Novel Regions

by Nandita Mukhopadhyay; Eleanor Feingold; Lina Moreno-Uribe; George Wehby; Luz Conuelo Valencia-Ramirez; Claudia P. Muneton; Carmencita Padilla; Frederic Deleyiannis; Kaare Christensen; Fernando A. Poletta; Ieda M. Orioli; Jacqueline T. Hecht; Carmen J. Buxo; Azeez Butali; Wasiu L. Adeyemo; Alexandre R. Vieira; John R. Shaffer; Jeffrey C. Murray; Seth M. Weinberg; Elizabeth Leslie; Mary L. Marazita



FAT4 identified as a potential modifier of orofacial cleft laterality

by Sarah W Curtis; Daniel Chang; Miranda R Sun; Michael Epstein; Jeffrey C Murray; Eleanor Feingold; Terri H Beaty; Seth M Weinberg; Mary L Marazita; Robert J Lipinski; Jenna C Carlson; Elizabeth Leslie



The PAX1 locus at 20p11 is a potential genetic modifier for bilateral cleft lip

by Sarah W. Curtis; Daniel Chang; Myoung Keun Lee; John R. Shaffer; Karlijne Indencleef; Michael Epstein; David Cutler; Jeffrey C. Murray; Eleanor Feingold; Terri H. Beaty; Peter Claes; Seth M. Weinberg; Mary L. Marazita; Jenna C. Carlson; Elizabeth Leslie