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Stress, caffeine and ethanol trigger transient neurological dysfunction through shared mechanisms in a mouse calcium channelopathy

by Robert S. Raike; Catherine Weisz; Freek E. Hoebeek; Matthew C. Terzi; Chris I. De Zeeuw; Arn M. van den Maagdenberg; Hyder A Jinnah; Ellen Hess



Current Opinions and Areas of Consensus on the Role of the Cerebellum in Dystonia

by Vikram Shakkottai; Amit Batla; Kailash Bhatia; William T. Dauer; Christian Dresel; Martin Niethammer; David Eidelberg; Robert S. Raike; Yoland Smith; Hyder A Jinnah; Ellen Hess; Sabine Meunier; Mark Hallett; Rachel Fremont; Kamran Khodakhah; Mark S. LeDoux; Traian Popa; Cecile Gallea; Stephane Lehericy; Andreea C. Bostan; Peter L. Strick



The functional neuroanatomy of dystonia

by Vladimir K. Neychev; Robert Gross; Stephane Lehericy; Ellen Hess; Hyder A Jinnah



Symptomatic animal models for dystonia

by Bethany K. Wilson; Ellen Hess