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Phone: 404-712-9805

Email: elizabeth.j.corwin@emory.edu

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YRK: Dev & Cog Neuroscience

Yerkes National Primate Resear

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Immune dysregulation and glucocorticoid resistance in minority and low income pregnant women

by Elizabeth Corwin; Ying Guo; Kathleen Pajer; Nancy Lowe; Donna McCarthy; Sarah Schmiege; Mary Weber; Thaddeus Pace; Brian Stafford



Feasibility of Combining Common Data Elements Across Studies to Test a Hypothesis

by Elizabeth Corwin; Shirley M. Moore; Andrea Plotsky; Margaret M. Heitkemper; Susan G. Dorsey; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Donald E. Bailey, Jr.; Sharron L. Docherty; Joanne D. Whitney; Carol M. Musil; Cynthia M. Dougherty; Donna J. McCloskey; Joan K. Austin; Patricia A. Grady



The role of multiple negative social relationships in inflammatory cytokine responses to a laboratory stressor

by Sunmi Song; Jennifer E. Graham-Engeland; Elizabeth Corwin; Rachel M. Ceballos; Shelley E. Taylor; Teresa Seeman; Laura Cousino Klein



Elevated thyroid stimulating hormone is associated with elevated cortisol in healthy young men and women

by Kimberly Walter; Elizabeth Corwin; Jan Ulbrecht; Laurence M. Demers; Jeanette M. Bennett; Courtney A. Whetzel; Laura Cousino Klein