Edelle Field-Fote


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Lower extremity outcome measures: considerations for clinical trials in spinal cord injury

by Marc Bolliger; Andrew R. Blight; Edelle Field-Fote; Kristin Musselman; Serge Rossignol; Dorothy Barthelemy; Laurent Bouyer; Milos R. Popovic; Jan M. Schwab; Michael L Boninger; Keith Tansey; Giorgio Scivoletto; Naomi Kleitman; Linda A. T. Jones; Dany H. Gagnon; Sylvie Nadeau; Dirk Haupt; Lea Awai; Chris S Easthope; Bjorn Zorner; Ruediger Rupp; Dan Lammertse; Armin Curt; John Steeves



Users with spinal cord injury experience of robotic Locomotor exoskeletons: a qualitative study of the benefits, limitations, and recommendations

by Dominique Kinnett-Hopkins; Chaithanya K. Mummidisetty; Linda Ehrlich-Jones; Deborah Crown; Rachel A. Bond; Marc H. Applebaum; Arun Jayaraman; Catherine Furbish; Gail Forrest; Edelle Field-Fote; Allen W. Heinemann



Budget impact analysis of robotic exoskeleton use for locomotor training following spinal cord injury in four SCI Model Systems

by Daniel Pinto; Mauricio Garnier; Jason Barbas; Shuo-Hsiu Chang; Susan Charlifue; Edelle Field-Fote; Catherine Furbish; Candy Tefertiller; Chaithanya K. Mummidisetty; Heather Taylor; Arun Jayaraman; Allen W. Heinemann



Toward Improving the Prediction of Functional Ambulation After Spinal Cord Injury Through the Inclusion of Limb Accelerations During Sleep and Personal Factors

by Stephanie K Rigot; Michal L Boninger; Dan Ding; Gina McKernan; Edelle Field-Fote; Jeanne Hoffman; Rachel Hibbs; Lynn A Worobey



Cost-effectiveness analysis of overground robotic training versus conventional locomotor training in people with spinal cord injury

by Edelle Field-Fote; Daniel Pinto; Allen W Heinemann; Shuo-Hsiu Chang; Susan Charlifue; Catherine L Furbish; Arun Jayaraman; Candace Tefertiller; Heather B Taylor; Dustin D French



Commentary: Remote assessments of gait and balance-Implications for research during and beyond Covid-19

by Sangeetha Madhavan; Anjali Sivaramakrishnan; Mark G Bowden; Neale R Chumbler; Edelle Field-Fote; Trisha Kesar