Eva Dyer


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Low-dose x-ray tomography through a deep convolutional neural network

by Xiaogang Yang; Vincent De Andrade; William Scullin; Eva Dyer; Narayanan Kasthuri; Francesco De Carlo; Doga Gürsoy



Quantifying mesoscale neuroanatomy using X-ray microtomography

by Eva Dyer; William Gray Roncal; Judy A. Prasad; Hugo L. Fernandes; Doga Gürsoy; Vincent De Andrade; Kamel Fezzaa; Xianghui Xiao; Joshua T. Vogelstein; Chris Jacobsen; Konrad P. Körding; Narayanan Kasthuri



Latent Factors and Dynamics in Motor Cortex and Their Application to Brain-Machine Interfaces

by Chethan Pandarinath; K. Cora Ames; Abigail A. Russo; Ali Farshchian; Lee E. Miller; Eva Dyer; Jonathan C. Kao