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Effects of Oxytocin on Emotion Recognition in Schizophrenia A Randomized Double-Blind Pilot Study

by Erica Duncan; Larry Young; Elissar Andari; David Halverson; NM Massa; MD Fargotstein; NB Taylor; AV Owens; DL Currin; A Bhattacharya; D Gitman; BC Cuthbert



A Gene-Based Analysis of Acoustic Startle Latency

by Alicia K Smith; Tanja Jovanovic; Varun Kilaru; Adriana Lori; Lauren Gensler; Samuel S. Lee; Seth Norrholm; Nicholas Massa; Bruce Cuthbert; Bekh Bradley-Davino; Kerry Ressler; Erica Duncan



The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Physical and Cognitive Outcomes in a Small Cohort of Outpatients with Schizophrenia.

by Nicholas Massa; Alaaeddin Alrohaibani; Kevin Mammino; Medina Bello; Nicholas Taylor; Bruce Cuthbert; Molly Fargotstein; Monica M. Coulter; Jeffrey Boatright; Joe Nocera; Erica Duncan



Between-site reliability of startle prepulse inhibition across two early psychosis consortia

by Kristin S. Cadenhead; Jean Addington; Tyrone D. Cannon; Barbara A. Cornblatt; Camilo de la Fuente-Sandoval; Dan H. Mathalon; Diana O. Perkins; Larry J. Seidman; Ming Tsuang; Elaine Walker; Scott W. Woods; Peter Bachman; Ayse Belger; Ricardo E. Carrion; Franc C. L. Donkers; Erica Duncan; Jason Johannesen; Pablo Leon-Ortiz; Gregory Light; Alejandra Mondragon; Margaret Niznikiewicz; Jason Nunag; Brian J. Roach; Rodolfo Solis-Vivanco



Visual cortical plasticity and the risk for psychosis: An interim analysis of the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study

by Erica Duncan; Elaine Walker; MS Jacob; BJ Roach; HK Hamilton; RE Carrion; A Belger; J Johannesen; M Keshavan; S Loo; M Niznikiewicz; J Addington; CE Bearden; KS Cadenhead; TD Cannon; BA Cornblatt; TH McGlashan; DO Perkins; W Stone; M Tsuang; SW Woods; DH Mathalon



Reliability of mismatch negativity event-related potentials in a multisite, traveling subjects study

by Erica Duncan; Elaine Walker; BJ Roach; RE Carrion; HK Hamilton; P Bachman; A Belger; J Johannesen; GA Light; M Niznikiewicz; J Addington; CE Bearden; K S.Cadenhead; TD Cannon; BA Cornblatt; TH McGlashan; DO Perkins; L Seidman; M Tsuang; SW Woods; DH Mathalon



Differences in startle reflex and prepulse inhibition in European-Americans and African-Americans

by Wendy Hasenkamp; Seth Davin Norrholm; Amanda Green; Barbara Lewison; William Boshoven; Megan Keyes; Erica Duncan