Erik C Dreaden


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Engineered Cytokines for Cancer and Autoimmune Disease Immunotherapy

by Christopher Porter; Erik Dreaden; Sarwish Rafiq; B Uricoli; LA Birnbaum; P Do; JM Kelvin; J Jain; E Costanza; A Chyong



Enhancing chemotherapy response through augmented synthetic lethality by co-targeting nucleotide excision repair and cell-cycle checkpoints

by Yi Wen Kong; Erik Dreaden; Sandra Morandell; Wen Zhou; Sanjeev S. Dhara; Ganapathy Sriram; Fred C. Lam; Jesse C. Patterson; Mohiuddin Quadir; Dinh Anh; Kevin E. Shopsowitz; Shohreh Varmeh; Omer H. Yilmaz; Stephen J. Lippard; H. Christian Reinhardt; Michael T. Hemann; Paula T. Hammond; Michael B. Yaffe



Rapid Assembly and Screening of Multivalent Immune Cell-Redirecting Therapies for Leukemia

by Priscilla Do; Lacey A. Perdue; Andrew Chyong; Rae Hunter; Jodi Dougan; Curtis Henry; Christopher Porter; Erik Dreaden



RNA-Peptide nanoplexes drug DNA damage pathways in high-grade serous ovarian tumors.

by Erik Dreaden; Yi Wen Kong; Mohiuddin A. Quadir; Santiago Correa; Lucia Suárez-López; Antonio E. Barberio; Mun Kyung Hwang; Aria C. Shi; Benjamin Oberlton; Paige N. Gallagher; Kevin E. Shopsowitz; Kevin M. Elias; Michael B. Yaffe; Paula T. Hammond