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Investigation of MORC1 DNA methylation as biomarker of early life stress and depressive symptoms

by Mara Thomas; Andressa Coope; Carolin Falkenberg; Boadie Dunlop; Darina Czamara; Nadine Provencal; Wade Craighead; Helen Mayberg; Charles B. Nemeroff; Elisabeth Binder; Vanessa Nieratschker



The role of comorbid anxiety in exercise and depression trials: Secondary analysis of the SMILE-II randomized clinical trial

by Wade Craighead; JA Blumenthal; MA Babyak; J Davidson; A Hinderliter; B Hoffman; PM Doraiswamy; A Sherwood



Alterations in acylcarnitines, amines, and lipids inform about the mechanism of action of citalopram/escitalopram in major depression

by Siamak MahmoudianDehkordi; Ahmed T. Ahmed; Sudeepa Bhattacharyya; Xianlin Han; Rebecca A. Baillie; Matthias Arnold; Michelle K. Skime; Lisa St. John-Williams; M. Arthur Moseley; J. Will Thompson; Gregory Louie; Patricio Riva Posse; W Edward Craighead; William McDonald; Ranga Krishnan; A. John Rush; Mark A. Frye; Boadie Dunlop; Richard M. Weinshilboum; Rima Kaddurah-Daouk



Acylcarnitine metabolomic profiles inform clinically-defined major depressive phenotypes

by Wade Craighead; Boadie Dunlop; Patricio Riva Posse; William McDonald; AT Ahmed; S MahmoudianDehkordi; S Bhattacharyya; M Arnold; D Liu; D Neavin; MA Moseley; JW Thompson; LSJ Williams; G Louie; MK Skime; L Wang; P Riva-Posse; WV Bobo; R Krishnan; RM Weinshilboum; DS Millington; AJ Rush; MA Frye; R Kaddurah-Daouk



Is the Thoughts and Health programme feasible in the context of Swedish schools? A quasi-experimental controlled trial study protocol

by Wade Craighead; C Wikberg; P Augustsson; G Sveinsdottir; EO Arnarson; I Marteinsdottir; JL Lilja



Tolerability of the Dexamethasone-Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Test in Major Depressive Disorder

by Boadie W Dunlop; Yara Betancourt; Elisabeth B. Binder; Christine Heim; Florian Holsboer; Marcus Ising; Melissa McKenzie; Tanja Mletzko; Hildegard Pfister; Charles B. Nemeroff; W Edward Craighead; Helen S Mayberg