Emily Cartwright


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Brucellosis Initially Misidentified as Ochrobactrum anthropi Bacteremia: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

by Srinvasa Nithin Gopalsamy; Aditi Ramakrishnan; Mustaf M Shariff; Julie Gabel; Skyler Brennan; Cherie Drenzek; Monica Farley; Robert Gaynes; Emily Cartwright



Risk Factors Early in the 2010 Cholera Epidemic, Haiti

by Katherine A. O'Connor; Emily Cartwright; Anagha Loharikar; Janell Routh; Joanna Gaines; Marie-Deliverance Fouche; Reginald Jean-Louis; Tracy Ayers; Dawn Johnson; Jordan W. Tappero; Thierry H. Roels; W. Roodly Archer; Georges A. Dahourou; Eric Mintz; Robert Quick; Barbara E. Mahon



Rapid Assessment of Cholera-related Deaths, Artibonite Department, Haiti, 2010

by Janell A. Routh; Anagha Loharikar; Marie-Delivrance Fouche; Emily Cartwright; Sharon L. Roy; Elizabeth Ailes; W. Roodly Archer; Jordan W. Tappero; Thierry H. Roels; Georges Dahourou; Robert E. Quick



Listeriosis Outbreaks and Associated Food Vehicles, United States, 1998-2008

by Emily Jeanne Cartwright; Kelly A. Jackson; Shacara D. Johnson; Lewis M. Graves; Benjamin J Silk; Barbara E. Mahon



A Multistate Investigation of Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella enterica Serotype I 4,[5],12:i:- Infections as Part of an International Outbreak Associated with Frozen Feeder Rodents

by Emily Cartwright; T Nguyen; C Melluso; T Ayers; C Lane; A Hodges; X Li; J Quammen; SJ Yendell; J Adams; J Mitchell; R Rickert; R Klos; IT Williams; CB Behravesh; J Wright