Kelly Callahan MPH


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Prevalence of Ocular Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Amhara Region, Ethiopia, after 8 Years of Trachoma Control Interventions

by Paul Weiss; Elizabeth Callahan; Scott Nash; A Chernet; AW Nute; M Zerihun; E Sata; D Gessese; KA Jensen; Z Ayele; B Melak; T Zeru; A Mengistu; A Abebe; F Seife; Z Tadesse



WASH Upgrades for Health in Amhara (WUHA): study protocol for a cluster-randomised trial in Ethiopia

by Dionna M Wittberg; Solomon Aragie; Wondyifraw Tadesse; Jason S Melo; Kristen Aiemjoy; Melsew Chanyalew; Paul Emerson; Matthew Freeman; Scott Nash; Elizabeth Callahan; Zerihun Tadesse; Mulat Zerihun; Travis C Porco; Thomas M Lietman; Jeremy D Keenan



A cost-analysis of conducting population-based prevalence surveys for the validation of the elimination of trachoma as a public health problem in Amhara, Ethiopia

by Randall P. Slaven; Aisha E.P. Stewart; Mulat Zerihun; Eshetu Sata; Tigist Astale; Berhanu Melak; Melsew Chanyalew; Demelash Gessese; Paul Emerson; Zerihun Tadesse; Elizabeth Callahan; Scott Nash; Deborah McFarland