David W Wright MD


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Rationale and Methods for Updated Guidelines for the Management of Penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury.

by Gregory WJ Hawryluk; Shelley Selph; Angela Lumba-Brown; Annette M Totten; Jamshid Ghajar; Bizhan Aarabi; James Ecklund; Stacy Shackelford; Britton Adams; David Adelson; Rocco A Armonda; John Benjamin; Darrell Boone; David Brody; Bradley Dengler; Anthony Figaji; Gerald Grant; Odette Harris; Alan Hoffer; Ryan Kitigawa; Kerry Latham; Christopher Neal; David O Okonkwo; Dylan Pannell; Jeffrey V Rosenfeld; Guy Rosenthal; Andres Rubiano; Deborah M Stein; Martina Stippler; Max Talbot; Alex Valadka; David Wright; Shelton Davis; Randy Bell



Temporal Acute Serum Estradiol and Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Associations and Risk of Death after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

by Raj G Kumar; Dominic DiSanto; Nabil Awan; Leah E Vaughan; Marina S Levochkina; Justin L Weppner; David Wright; Sarah L Berga; Yvette P Conley; Maria M Brooks; Amy K Wagner



A Novel Neuropsychological Tool for Immersive Assessment of Concussion and Correlation with Subclinical Head Impacts.

by Tamara Espinoza; Kristopher A Hendershot; Brian Liu; Andrea Knezevic; Breanne B Jacobs; Russell K Gore; Kevin M Guskiewicz; Jeffery J Bazarian; Shean E Phelps; David Wright; Michelle LaPlaca



A Wearable Multimodal Sensing System for Tracking Changes in Pulmonary Fluid Status, Lung Sounds, and Respiratory Markers

by Jesus A Sanchez-Perez; John A Berkebile; Brandi N Nevius; Goktug C Ozmen; Christopher J Nichols; Venu G Ganti; Samer A Mabrouk; Gari Clifford; Rishikesan Kamaleswaran; David Wright; Omer T Inan