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The Dynamics of concussion: Mapping Pathophysiology, Persistence, and recovery With causal-loop Diagramming

by Erin S. Kenzie; Elle L. Parks; Erin D. Bigler; David W Wright; Miranda M. Lim; James C. Chesnutt; Gregory W. J. Hawryluk; Wayne Gordon; Wayne Wakeland



Impact of individual clinical outcomes on trial participants' perspectives on enrollment in emergency research without consent

by Louisa W. Whitesides; Jill M. Baren; Michelle Biros; Ross J. Fleischman; Prasanthi R. Govindarajan; Elizabeth B. Jones; Arthur M. Pancioli; Rebecca Pentz; Victoria M. Scicluna; David W Wright; Neal Dickert Jr



Effect of clinical decision rules, patient cost and malpractice information on clinician brain CT image ordering: a randomized controlled trial

by Ronald W. Gimbel; Ronald G. Pirrallo; Steven C. Lowe; David W Wright; Lu Zhang; Min-Jae Woo; Paul Fontelo; Fang Liu; Zachary Connor



Characteristic of Victims of Family Violence Seeking Care at Health Centers in Maputo, Mozambique

by Eunice Abdul Remane Jethá; Catherine A. Lynch; Debra E Houry; Maria Alexendra Rodriques; Baltazar Chilundo; Scott Sasser; David W Wright