David Weiss

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Phone: 404-727-8214

Email: dweiss8@emory.edu

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Assoc Professor

SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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MCR-1 confers cross-resistance to lysozyme

by David Weiss; EX Sherman; DA Hufnagel



NaxD is a deacetylase required for lipid A modification and Francisella pathogenesis

by Anna C. Llewellyn; Jinshi Zhao; Feng Song; Jyothi Parvathareddy; Qian Xu; Brooke A. Napier; Hamed Laroui; Didier Merlin; James E. Bina; Peggy A. Cotter; Mark A. Miller; Christian R. H. Raetz; David S Weiss



A CRISPR-CAS System Mediates Bacterial Innate Immune Evasion and Virulence

by Timothy R. Sampson; Sunil D. Saroj; Anna C. Llewellyn; Yih-Ling Tzeng; David S Weiss



A Francisella virulence factor catalyses an essential reaction of biotin synthesis

by Youjun Feng; Brooke A. Napier; Miglena Manandhar; Sarah K Henke; David S Weiss; John E. Cronan



Vaccine Activation of the Nutrient Sensor GCN2 in Dendritic Cells Enhances Antigen Presentation

by Rajesh Ravindran; Nooruddin Khan; Helder Nakaya; Shuzhao Li; Jens Loebbermann; Mohan S. Maddur; Youngja Park; Dean P Jones; Pascal Chappert; Jean Davoust; David S Weiss; Herbert W. Virgin; David Ron; Bali Pulendran



Link between intraphagosomal biotin and rapid phagosomal escape in Francisella

by Brooke A. Napier; Lena Meyer; James E. Bina; Mark A. Miller; Anders Sjostedt; David S Weiss