David S Weiss PhD

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Phone: 404-727-8214

Email: dweiss8@emory.edu

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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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A CRISPR-Cas system enhances envelope integrity mediating antibiotic resistance and inflammasome evasion

by Timothy Sampson; Brooke A. Napier; Max R. Schroeder; Rogier Louwen; Jinshi Zhao; Chui-Yoke Chin; Hannah K. Ratner; Anna C. Liewellyn; Crystal L. Jones; Hamed Laroui; Didier Merlin; Pei Zhou; Hubert P. Endtz; David Weiss



The Atypical Occurrence of Two Biotin Protein Ligases in Francisella novicida Is Due to Distinct Roles in Virulence and Biotin Metabolism.

by Youjun Feng ; Chui-Yoke Chin; Vandana Chakravartty ; Rongsui Gao; Emily K. Crispell; David S Weiss; John E. Cronan



Cas9-mediated targeting of viral RNA in eukaryotic cells

by Aryn A. Price; Timothy R. Sampson; Hannah K. Ratner; Arash Grakoui; David S Weiss



Subversion of Host Recognition and Defense Systems by Francisella spp.

by Crystal L. Jones; Brooke A. Napier; Timothy R. Sampson; Anna C. Llewellyn; Max R. Schroeder; David S Weiss



Low Doses of Imatinib Induce Myelopoiesis and Enhance Host Anti-microbial Immunity

by Ruth J. Napier; Brian A Norris; Alyson Swimm; Cynthia R Giver; Wayne A. C. Harris; Julie Laval; Brooke A. Napier; Gopi Patel; Ryan Crump; Zhenghong Peng; William Bornmann; Bali Pulendran; Mark Buller; David S Weiss; Rabindra Tirouvanziam; Edmund K Waller; Daniel Kalman



Peculiar purulence: Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae causing pyomyositis

by Okechukwu Mgbemena; David P. Serota; Sonali Kumar; Jessie E. Wozniak; David Weiss; Russell Kempker



Methods to evaluate colistin heteroresistance in acinetobacter baumannii

by Edgar X. Sherman; Jessie E. Wozniak; David Weiss