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Antibiotic failure mediated by a resistant subpopulation in Enterobacter cloacae

by Victor I. Band; Emily K. Crispell; Brooke A. Napier; Carmen M. Herrera; Greg K. Tharp; Kranthi Vavikolanu; Jan Pohl; Timothy Read; Steven Bosinger; M. Stephen Trent; Eileen Burd; David Weiss



A PmrB-Regulated Deacetylase Required for Lipid A Modification and Polymyxin Resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii

by Chui-Yoke Chin; Kelsey A. Gregg; Brooke A. Napier; Robert K. Ernst; David Weiss



A CRISPR-Cas system enhances envelope integrity mediating antibiotic resistance and inflammasome evasion

by Timothy Sampson; Brooke A. Napier; Max R. Schroeder; Rogier Louwen; Jinshi Zhao; Chui-Yoke Chin; Hannah K. Ratner; Anna C. Liewellyn; Crystal L. Jones; Hamed Laroui; Didier Merlin; Pei Zhou; Hubert P. Endtz; David Weiss



Antibiotic combinations that exploit heteroresistance to multiple drugs effectively control infection

by Victor I. Band; David A. Hufnagel; Siddharth Jaggavarapu; Edgar X. Sherman; Jessie E. Wozniak; Sarah Satola; Monica Farley; Jesse Jacob; Eileen Burd; David Weiss



Systems Vaccinology for a Live Attenuated Tularemia Vaccine Reveals Unique Transcriptional Signatures That Predict Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses

by Muktha S. Natrajan; Nadine Rouphael; Lilin Lai; Dmitri Kazmin; Travis L. Jensen; David Weiss; Chris Ibegbu; Marcelo B. Sztein; William F. Hooper; Heather Hill; Evan Anderson; Robert Johnson; Patrick Sanz; Bali Pulendran; Johannes B. Goll; Mark Mulligan



The Atypical Occurrence of Two Biotin Protein Ligases in Francisella novicida Is Due to Distinct Roles in Virulence and Biotin Metabolism.

by Youjun Feng ; Chui-Yoke Chin; Vandana Chakravartty ; Rongsui Gao; Emily K. Crispell; David S Weiss; John E. Cronan



Cas9-mediated targeting of viral RNA in eukaryotic cells

by Aryn A. Price; Timothy R. Sampson; Hannah K. Ratner; Arash Grakoui; David S Weiss



Antimicrobial Microwebs of DNA-Histone Inspired from Neutrophil Extracellular Traps

by Yang Song; Usha Kadiyala; Priyan Weerappuli; Jordan J. Valdez; Srilakshmi Yalavarthi; Cameron Louttit; Jason S. Knight; James J. Moon; David Weiss; J. Scott VanEpps; Shuichi Takayama