Daiana Weiss MD


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The role of lysyl oxidase family members in the stabilization of abdominal aortic aneurysms

by Ebony Washington Remus; Robert E. O'Donnell; Kathryn Rafferty; Daiana Weiss; Giji Joseph; Katalin Csiszar; Sheri F. T. Fong; W Robert Taylor



Inhibition and Genetic Ablation of the B7/CD28 T cell Costimulation Axis Prevents Experimental Hypertension

by Antony Vinh; Wei Chen; Yelena Blinder; Daiana Weiss; W Robert Taylor; Jorg Goronzy; Cornelia Weyand; David G Harrison; Tomasz J. Guzik



Overexpression of myeloid angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) reduces atherosclerosis

by Derick Okwan-Duodu; Daiana Weiss; Zhenzi Peng; Luciana Veiras; Duo-Yao Cao; Suguru Saito; Zakir Khan; Ellen A. Bernstein; Jorge F. Giani; W. Robert Taylor; Kenneth Bernstein