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Cognitive functioning, depression, and HIV medication adherence in India: a randomized pilot trial.

by Ryan Cook; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Aman Sharma; Szonja Vamos; Biraaj Mahajan; Stephen M. Weiss; Mahendra Kumar; Ritu Nehra; Deborah L. Jones



HIV-1 Infection, Injecting Drug Use, and Neuroendocrine Response to Psychological Stress.

by Raymond L. Ownby; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Adarsh M. Kumar; Deborah Jones; Benny Fernandez; Mahendra Kumar



Development and initial validation of a computer-administered health literacy assessment in Spanish and English: FLIGHT/VIDAS

by Raymond L. Ownby; Amarilis Acevedo; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Robin Jacobs; Joshua Caballero; Rosemary Davenport; Ana-Maria Homs; Sara J. Czaja; David Loewenstein



Same-Day Associations Between Substance Use and Medication Nonadherence Among Persons Living with HIV

by Susan E. Ramsey; Evan G. Ames; Julia Uber; Samia Habib; Seth Clark; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde



A Mobile App for Chronic Disease Self-Management: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.

by Raymond L. Ownby; Amarilis Acevedo; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Joshua Caballero; Michael Simonson; Rosemary Davenport; Kofi Kondwani; Robin J. Jacobs



Recommendations of Common Data Elements to Advance the Science of Self-Management of Chronic Conditions

by Shirley M. Moore; Rachel Schiffman; Drenna Waldrop-Valverde; Nancy S. Redeker; Donna Jo McCloskey; Miyong T. Kim; Margaret M. Heitkemper; Barbara J. Guthrie; Susan G. Dorsey; Sharron L. Docherty; Debra Barton; Donald E. Bailey; Joan K. Austin; Patricia Grady