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Unique Binding Specificities of Proteins toward Isomeric Asparagine-Linked Glycans

by Chao Gao; Melinda S. Hanes; Lauren Byrd-Leotis; Mohui Wei; Nan Jia; Robert J. Kardish; Tanya McKitrick; David Steinhauer; Richard Cummings



Avian Influenza Viruses Infect Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells Unconstrained by Sialic Acid alpha 2,3 Residues

by Christine M. Oshansky; Jennifer A. Pickens; Konrad C. Bradley; Les P. Jones; Geraldine M. Saavedra-Ebner; James P. Barber; Jackelyn M. Crabtree; David Steinhauer; S. Mark Tompkins; Ralph A. Tripp



Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Isolates from Wild Birds Replicate and Transmit via Contact in Ferrets without Prior Adaptation

by Elizabeth A. Driskell; Jennifer A. Pickens; Jennifer Humberd-Smith; James T. Gordy; Konrad C. Bradley; David Steinhauer; Roy D. Berghaus; David E. Stallknecht; Elizabeth W. Howerth; Stephen Mark Tompkins



Characterizing Emerging Canine H3 Influenza Viruses.

by Luis Martinez-Sobrido; Pilar Blanco-Lobo; Laura Rodriguez; Theresa Fitzgerald; Hanyuan Zhang; Phuong Nguyen; Christopher S. Anderson; Jeanne Holden-Wiltse; David Steinhauer; Richard Cummings



Antigenic Pressure on H3N2 Influenza Virus Drift Strains Imposes Constraints on Binding to Sialylated Receptors but Not Phosphorylated Glycans

by Lauren Byrd-Leotis; Chao Gao; Nan Jia; Akul Y. Mehta; Jessica Trost; Sandra F. Cummings; Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro; Richard Cummings; David Steinhauer



The Human Lung Glycome Reveals Novel Glycan Ligands for Influenza A Virus

by Nan Jia; Lauren Byrd-Leotis; Yasuyuki Matsumoto; Chao Gao; Alexander N. Wein; Jenna L. Lobby; Jacob Kohlmeier; David Steinhauer; Richard Cummings