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Novel H7N9 Influenza Virus Shows Low Infectious Dose, High Growth Rate, and Efficient Contact Transmission in the Guinea Pig Model

by Jon D. Gabbard; Daniel Dlugolenski; Debby Van Riel; Nicolle Marshall; Summer E Galloway; Elizabeth W. Howerth; Patricia J. Campbell; Cheryl Jones; Scott Johnson; Lauren Byrd-Leotis; David Steinhauer; Thijs Kuiken; S. Mark Tompkins; Ralph Tripp; Anice Carmen Lowen; John Steel



Capturing Enveloped Viruses on Affinity Grids for Downstream Cryo- Electron Microscopy Applications

by Gabriella Kiss; Xuemin Chen; Melinda A. Brindley; Patricia Campbell; Claudio L. Afonso; Zunlong Ke; Jens M. Holl; Ricardo C. Guerrero-Ferreira; Lauren A. Byrd-Leotis; John Steel; David Steinhauer; Richard Karl Plemper; Deborah F. Kelly; Paul Spearman; Elizabeth Wright



Functional Glycomic Analysis of Human Milk Glycans Reveals the Presence of Virus Receptors and Embryonic Stem Cell Biomarkers

by Ying Yu; Shreya Mishra; Xuezheng Song; Yi Lasanajak; Konrad C. Bradley; Mary M. Tappert; Gillian M. Air; David Steinhauer; Sujata Halder; Susan Cotmore; Peter Tattersall; Mavis Agbandje-McKenna; Richard Cummings; David Smith



Characterizing Emerging Canine H3 Influenza Viruses.

by Luis Martinez-Sobrido; Pilar Blanco-Lobo; Laura Rodriguez; Theresa Fitzgerald; Hanyuan Zhang; Phuong Nguyen; Christopher S. Anderson; Jeanne Holden-Wiltse; David Steinhauer; Richard Cummings



Antigenic Pressure on H3N2 Influenza Virus Drift Strains Imposes Constraints on Binding to Sialylated Receptors but Not Phosphorylated Glycans

by Lauren Byrd-Leotis; Chao Gao; Nan Jia; Akul Y. Mehta; Jessica Trost; Sandra F. Cummings; Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro; Richard Cummings; David Steinhauer



The Human Lung Glycome Reveals Novel Glycan Ligands for Influenza A Virus

by Nan Jia; Lauren Byrd-Leotis; Yasuyuki Matsumoto; Chao Gao; Alexander N. Wein; Jenna L. Lobby; Jacob Kohlmeier; David Steinhauer; Richard Cummings