Dawn Smiley-Byrd MD


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Effects of oral and intravenous fat load on blood pressure, endothelial function, sympathetic activity, and oxidative stress in obese healthy subjects

by Aidar R. Gosmanov; Dawn Smiley; Gonzalo Robalino; Joselita Siquiera; Bobby Khan; Ngoc-Anh Le; Riyaz S. Patel; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Limin Peng; Abbas E. Kitabchi; Guillermo Umpierrez



Insulin Analogs Versus Human Insulin in the Treatment of Patients With Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A randomized controlled trial

by Guillermo Umpierrez; Sidney Jones; Dawn Smiley; Patrick Mulligan; Trevor Keyler; Angel Temponi; Crispin Semakula; Denise Umpierrez; Limin Peng; Miguel Ceron; Gonzalo Robalino



Hyperglycemia During Total Parenteral Nutrition An important marker of poor outcome and mortality in hospitalized patients

by Francisco Pasquel; Ronnie Spiegelman; Megan McCauley; Dawn Smiley; Denise Umpierrez; Rachel Johnson; Mary Rhee; Chelsea Gatcliffe; Erica Lin; Erica Umpierrez; Limin Peng; Guillermo Umpierrez