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A double-blind, randomized clinical trial comparing soybean oil-based versus olive oil-based lipid emulsions in adult medical-surgical intensive care unit patients requiring parenteral nutrition

by Guillermo Umpierrez; Ronnie Spiegelman; Vivian Zhao; Dawn Smiley; Dawn D. Smiley; Ingrid Pinzon; Daniel P. Griffith; Limin Peng; Timothy Morris; Menghua Luo; Hermes Garcia; Christopher Thomas; Christopher A. Newton; Thomas R Ziegler



Vascular effects of intravenous intralipid and dextrose infusions in obese subjects

by Aidar R. Gosmanov; Dawn Smiley; Limin Peng; Joselita Siquiera; Gonzalo Robalino; Christopher Newton; Guillermo Umpierrez



A Comparison Study of Continuous Insulin Infusion Protocols in the Medical Intensive Care Unit: Computer-Guided Vs. Standard Column-Based Algorithms

by Christopher A. Newton; Dawn Smiley; Bruce W. Bode; Abbas E. Kitabchi; Paul C. Davidson; Sol Jacobs; R. Dennis Steed; Frankie Stentz; Limin Peng; Patrick Mulligan; Amado X. Freire; Angel Temponi; Guillermo Umpierrez