David Rye PhD/MD

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Phone: 404-712-7533

Email: drye@emory.edu

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SOM: Neurology: Sleep

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Nuclear and neuropil aggregates in Huntington's disease: Relationship to neuropathology

by Shihua Li; Claire-Anne Gutekunst; Hong Yi; James S. Mulroy; Stefan Kuemmerle; Randi Jones; David Rye; Robert J. Ferrante; Steven M. Hersch; Xiao-Jiang Li



Animal models of RLS phenotypes

by Richard P. Allen; Nathan C. Donelson; Byron C. Jones; Yuqing Li; Mauro Manconi; David Rye; Subhabrata Sanyal; Juliane Winkelmann



Sleep characteristics of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome and non-fatigued controls: results from a population-based study

by William C Reeves; Christine Heim; Elizabeth M Maloney; Laura Solomon Youngblood; Elizabeth Robinson Unger; Michael J Decker; James F Jones; David Rye



Rigor, Reproducibility, and In Vitro Cerebrospinal Fluid Assays: The Devil in the Details

by Olivia A. Moody; Sahil Talwar; Meagan Jenkins; Amanda A Freeman; Lynn Marie Trotti; Paul Garcia; Donald Bliwise; Joseph W. Lynch; Brad Cherson; Eric M. Hernandez; Neil Feldman; Prabhjyot Saini; David Rye; Andrew Jenkins