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Fracture Prediction With Modified-FRAX in Older HIV-Infected and Uninfected Men

by Michael T. Yin; Stephanie Shiau; David Rimland; Cynthia L. Gibert; Roger J. Bedimo; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Katherine Harwood; Josh Aschheim; Amy C. Justice; Julie A. Womack



Depression and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Are Risk Factors for Incident Heart Failure Among Veterans Veterans Aging Cohort Study

by Jessica R. White; Chung-Chou H. Chang; Kaku A. So-Armah; Jesse C. Stewart; Samir Kumar Gupta; Adeel A. Butt; Cynthia L. Gibert; David Rimland; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; David A. Leaf; Roger J. Bedimo; John S. Gottdiener; Willem J. Kop; Stephen S. Gottlieb; Matthew J. Budoff; Tasneem Khambaty; Hilary Tindle; Amy C. Justice; Matthew S. Freiberg



CD8(+) T-Cells Count in Acute Myocardial Infarction in HIV Disease in a Predominantly Male Cohort

by Oluwatosin A. Badejo; Chung-Chou Chang; Kaku A. So-Armah; Russell P. Tracy; Jason V. Baker; David Rimland; Adeel A. Butt; Adam J. Gordon; Charles R. Rinaldo; Kevin Kraemer; Jeffrey H. Samet; Hilary A. Tindle; Matthew B. Goetz; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Roger Bedimo; Cynthia L. Gibert; David A. Leaf; Lewis H. Kuller; Steven G. Deeks; Amy C. Justice; Matthew S. Freiberg



Medical ICU Admission Diagnoses and Outcomes in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected and Virus-Uninfected Veterans in the Combination Antiretroviral Era

by Kathleen Akguen; Janet P. Tate; Margaret Pisani; Terri Fried; Adeel A. Butt; Cynthia L. Gibert; Laurence Huang; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; David Rimland; Amy C. Justice; Kristina Crothers



Incidence of Medically-Attended Norovirus-Associated Acute Gastroenteritis in Four Veteran's Affairs Medical Center Populations in the United States, 2011-2012

by Scott P. Grytdal; David Rimland; S. Hannah Shirley; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Matthew Bidwell Goetz; Sheldon T. Brown; Cynthia Lucero-Obusan; Mark Holodniy; Christopher Graber; Umesh Parashar; Jan Vinje; Benjamin Lopman



HIV as an Independent Risk Factor for Incident Lung Cancer

by Keith Sigel; Juan Wisnivesky; Kirsha Gordon; Robert Dubrow; Amy Justice; Sheldon T. Brown; Joseph Goulet; Adeel A. Butt; Stephen Crystal; David Rimland; Maria Rodriguez-Barradas; Cynthia Gibert; Lesley Park; Kristina Crothers



Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men Demonstrate Increased Risk for HIV Transmission

by Kirsha S. Gordon; E. Jennifer Edelman; Amy C. Justice; David A. Fiellin; KAthleen Akgun; Stephen Crystal; Mona Duggal; Joseph L. Goulet; David Rimland; Kendall J. Bryant