Daniel Refai MD


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Risk of intracranial haemorrhage and ischaemic stroke after convexity subarachnoid haemorrhage in cerebral amyloid angiopathy: international individual patient data pooled analysis

by Daniel Refai; Isabel Charlotte Hostettler; Duncan Wilson; Catherine Arnold Fiebelkorn; Diane Aum; Sebastián Francisco Ameriso; Federico Eberbach; Markus Beitzke; Timothy Kleinig; Thanh Phan; Sarah Marchina; Romain Schneckenburger; Maria Carmona-Iragui; Andreas Charidimou; Isabelle Mourand; Sara Parreira; Gareth Ambler; Hans R Jager; Shaloo Singhal; John Ly; Henry Ma; Emmanuel Touzé; Ruth Geraldes; Ana Catarina Fonseca; Teresa Melo; Pierre Labauge; Pierre-Henry Lefevre; Anand Viswanathan; Steven Mark Greenberg; Juan Fortea; Marion Apoil; Marion Boulanger; Fausto Viader; Sandeep Kumar; Velandai Srikanth; Ashan Khurram; Franz Fazekas; Veronica Bruno; Gregory J Zipfel; Alejandro Rabinstein; Jonathan Graff-Radford; David John Werring



A Retrospective Chart Review on the Role of Suppressive Therapy in the Management of Spinal Infections Involving Hardware

by Nour Beydoun; Sonia Tandon; Sonia Krengel; Eric Johnson; Federico Palacio Bedoya; Michael Moore; Daniel Refai; Nadine Rouphael



Letter: Maintaining Neurosurgical Resident Education and Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by David P. Bray; Geoffrey P. Stricsek; James Malcolm; Juanmarco Gutierrez; Alexander Greven; Daniel Barrow; Gerald Rodts Jr.; Matthew Gary; Daniel Refai