Deqiang Qiu


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Race modifies the relationship between cognition and Alzheimer's disease cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers

by Jennifer C. Howell; Kelly D. Watts; Monica W. Parker; Junjie Wu; Alexander Kollhoff; Thomas Wingo; Cornelya D. Dorbin; Deqiang Qiu; William Hu



Race modifies default mode connectivity in Alzheimer's disease

by Maria B. Misiura; J. Christina Howell; Junjie Wu; Deqiang Qiu; Monica Parker; Jessica A. Turner; William Hu



Frontal Metabolites and Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers in Healthy Older Women and Women Diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment

by Antoine Hone-Blanchet; Anastasia Bohsali; Lisa Krishnamurthy; Salman S Shahid; Qixiang Lin; Liping Zhao; Aditya S Bisht; Samantha E John; David Loring; Felicia Goldstein; Allan Levey; James Lah; Deqiang Qiu; Bruce Crosson