David C Pallas PhD


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Integrin alpha 5 beta 1 regulates PP2A complex assembly through PDE4D in atherosclerosis

by Sanguk Yun; Rui Hu; Melanie E. Schwaemmle; Alexander N. Scherer; Zhenwu Zhuang; Anthony J. Koleske; David Pallas; Martin A. Schwartz



p53 Function Is Compromised by Inhibitor 2 of Phosphatase 2A in Sonic Hedgehog Medulloblastoma

by Yun Wei; Victor Maximov; Sorana A. Morrissy; Michael D. Taylor; David Pallas; Anna Kenney



Protein phosphatase 2A is crucial for sarcomere organization in Caenorhabditis elegans striated muscle

by Hiroshi Qadota; Yohei Matsunaga; Pritha Bagchi; Karen I. Lange; Karma J. Carrier; William Vander Pols; Emily Swartzbaugh; Kristy J. Wilson; Martin Srayko; David Pallas; Guy Benian