Deborah A McFarland PhD/MPH


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A mixed-methods exploration into the resilience of community drug distributors conducting mass drug administration for preventive chemotherapy of lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis in Côte d'Ivoire and Uganda.

by Daniel Dilliott; David Addiss; Charles Thickstun; Adam Mama Djima; Esther Comoe; Lakwo Thompson; Stella Neema; Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo; Amos Wung-Buh; Deborah McFarland; Margaret Gyapong; Alison Krentel



Cost of a human papillomavirus vaccination project, Zimbabwe

by Anna Hidle; Gwati Gwati; Taiwo Abimbola; Sarah W Pallas; Terri Hyde; Amos Petu; Deborah McFarland; Portia Manangazira



Economic evaluations of onchocerciasis interventions: a systematic review and research needs

by Hugo C. Turner; Martin Walker; Sebastien D. S. Pion; Deborah A McFarland; Donald A. P. Bundy; Maria-Gloria Basanez



The Contributions of Onchocerciasis Control and Elimination Programs toward the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

by Caitlin Dunn; Kelly Callahan; Moses Katabarwa; Frank Richards; Donald Hopkins; P. Craig Withers; Lucas E. Buyon; Deborah McFarland



Determinants of Bed Net Use in Southeast Nigeria following Mass Distribution of LLINs: Implications for Social Behavior Change Interventions

by Cheryl L. Russell; Adamu Sallau; Emmanuel Emukah; Patricia M. Graves; Gregory S. Noland; Jeremiah M. Ngondi; Masayo Ozaki; Lawrence Nwankwo; Emmanuel Miri; Deborah McFarland; Frank O. Richards; Amy E. Patterson



Home-based records and vaccination appointment stickers as parental reminders to reduce vaccination dropout in Indonesia: A cluster-randomized controlled trial

by Aaron S. Wallace; Kenny Peetosutan; Andi Untung; Marisa Ricardo; Prima Yosephine; Kathleen Wannemuehler; David W. Brown; Deborah McFarland; Walter Orenstein; Eli Rosenberg; Saad Omer; Danni Daniels