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Rapid effects of estradiol on aggression depend on genotype in a species with an estrogen receptor polymorphism

by Jennifer R. Merritt; Matthew T. Davis; Cecilia Jalabert; Timothy J. Libecap; Donald R. Williams; Kiran K. Soma; Donna Maney



Rapid effects of 17β-estradiol on aggressive behavior in songbirds: Environmental and genetic influences

by Sarah A. Heimovics; Jennifer R. Merritt; Cecilia Jalabert; Chunqi Ma; Donna Maney; Kiran K. Soma



Hormonal regulation of vasotocin receptor mRNA in a seasonally breeding songbird

by Anna V. Grozhik; Christopher P. Horoszko; Brent M. Horton; Yuchen Hu; Dene A. Voisin; Donna Maney