David W Loring PhD


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Testing the limits

by David W Loring; Russell M. Bauer



The Effect of Topiramate Plasma Concentration on Linguistic Behavior, Verbal Recall and Working Memory

by S. E. Marino; S. V. S. Pakhomov; S. Han; K. L. Anderson; M. Ding; L. E. Eberly; David W Loring; C. Hawkins-Taylor; J. O. Rarick; I. E. Leppik; J. E. Cibula; A. K. Birnbaum



Antiepileptic drug use in women of childbearing age

by Kimford J. Meador; Patricia Penovich; Gus A. Baker; Page B. Pennell; Edward Bromfield; Alison Pack; Joyce D. Liporace; Maria Sam; Laura A. Kalayjian; David J Thurman; Eugene Moore; David W. Loring; David W Loring



Effects of fetal antiepileptic drug exposure

by Kim J Meador; G.A. Baker; N. Browning; M.J. Cohen; R.L. Bromley; J. Clayton-Smith; L.A. Kalayjian; A. Kanner; J.D. Liporace; P.B. Pennell; M. Privitera; David W Loring



Differential effects of antiepileptic drugs on neonatal outcomes

by P.B. Pennell; A.M. Klein; N. Browning; G.A. Baker; J. Clayton-Smith; L.A. Kalayjian; J.D. Liporace; M. Privitera; T. Crawford; David W Loring; Kim J Meador



Topiramate dose effects on cognition

by David W Loring; D.J. Williamson; Kim J Meador; F. Wiegand; J. Hulihan



Foetal antiepileptic drug exposure and verbal versus non-verbal abilities at three years of age

by Kimford J. Meador; Gus A. Baker; Nancy Browning; Morris J. Cohen; Jill Clayton-Smith; Laura A. Kalayjian; Andres Kanner; Joyce D. Liporace; Page B. Pennell; Michael Privitera; David W Loring