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Addressing neuropsychological diagnostics in adults with epilepsy: Introducing the International Classification of Cognitive Disorders in Epilepsy: The IC CODE Initiative

by Marc Norman; Sarah J. Wilson; Sallie Baxendale; William Barr; Cady Block; Robyn M. Busch; Alberto Fernandez; Erik Hessen; David Loring; Carrie R. McDonald; Bruce P. Hermann



Differential effects of antiepileptic drugs on neonatal outcomes

by P.B. Pennell; A.M. Klein; N. Browning; G.A. Baker; J. Clayton-Smith; L.A. Kalayjian; J.D. Liporace; M. Privitera; T. Crawford; David W Loring; Kim J Meador



Temporal lobe regions essential for preserved picture naming after left temporal epilepsy surgery

by Jeffrey R. Binder; Jia-Qing Tong; Sara B. Pillay; Lisa L. Conant; Colin J. Humphries; Manoj Raghavan; Wade M. Mueller; Robyn M. Busch; Linda Allen; William L. Gross; Christopher T. Anderson; Chad E. Carlson; Mark J. Lowe; John T. Langfitt; Madalina E. Tivarus; Daniel Drane; David Loring; Monica Jacobs; Victoria L. Morgan; Jane B. Allendorfer; Jerzy P. Szaflarski; Leonardo Bonilha; Susan Bookheimer; Thomas Grabowski; Jennifer Vannest; Sara J. Swanson



Topiramate dose effects on cognition

by David W Loring; D.J. Williamson; Kim J Meador; F. Wiegand; J. Hulihan



Foetal antiepileptic drug exposure and verbal versus non-verbal abilities at three years of age

by Kimford J. Meador; Gus A. Baker; Nancy Browning; Morris J. Cohen; Jill Clayton-Smith; Laura A. Kalayjian; Andres Kanner; Joyce D. Liporace; Page B. Pennell; Michael Privitera; David W Loring



Rationale and Design of the National Neuropsychology Network

by David Loring; Daniel Drane; RM Bauer; L Cavanagh; KD Enriquez; SP Reise; K Shih; LG Umfleet; D Wahlstrom; F Whelan; KF Widaman; RM Bilder



Changes in description naming for common and proper nouns after left anterior temporal lobectomy

by David Loring; Daniel Drane; Leonardo Bonilha; SJ Swanson; LL Conant; CJ Humphries; M LeDoux; M Raghavan; WM Mueller; L Allen; WL Gross; CT Anderson; CE Carlson; RM Busch; M Lowe; ME Tivarus; M Jacobs; VL Morgan; J Szaflarski; S Bookheimer; T Grabowski; V Phatak; J Vannest; JR Binder