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Purification and identification of cell surface antigens using lamprey monoclonal antibodies

by Cuiling Yu; Shabab Ali; Jonathan St-Germain; Yanling Liu; Xuecong Yu; David L Jaye; Michael F. Moran; Max Dale Cooper; Götz R.A. Ehrhardt



Selective Targeting of Nanocarriers to Neutrophils and Monocytes

by Efstathios Karathanasis; Cissy M. Geigerman; Charles Parkos; Leslie Chan; Ravi V. Bellamkonda; David L Jaye



Examining racial differences in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma presentation and survival

by Christopher R Flowers; Pareen J. Shenoy; Uma Borate; Kevin Bumpers; Tanyanika Douglas-Holland; Nassoma King; Otis W Brawley; Joseph Lipscomb; Mary Jo Lechowicz; Rajni Sinha; Rajinder S. Grover; Leon Bernal-Mizrachi; Jeanne Kowalski; Will Donnellan; Angelina The; Vishnu Reddy; David L Jaye; James Foran



Clinical features and survival of multiple myeloma patients harboring t(14;16) in the era of novel agents

by Roberto Mina; Nisha S. Joseph; Francesca Gay; Efstathios Kastritis; Maria Teresa Petrucci; Jonathan Kaufman; Vittorio Montefusco; Maria Gavriatopoulou; Francesca Patriarca; Paola Omede; Lawrence Boise; Maria Roussou; Nicola Giuliani; Stefania Oliva; Massimo Offidani; Angelo Belotti; David Jaye; Lorenzo De Paoli; Evangelos Terpos; Sagar Lonial; Mario Boccadoro; Ajay Nooka; Meletios A. Dimopoulos



The properdin-like type I repeats of human thrombospondin contain a cell attachment site

by Cheryl A. Prater; Jennifer Plotkin; David Jaye; William A. Frazier