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ECAS: Chemistry

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Small molecule CXCR4 antagonists block the HIV-1 Nef/CXCR4 axis and selectively initiate the apoptotic program in breast cancer cells

by Ming-Bo Huang; Kyle E. Giesler; Brooke M. Katzman; Anthony R. Prosser; Valarie Truax; Dennis C Liotta; Lawrence J. Wilson; Vincent C. Bond



A structurally derived model of subunit-dependent NMDA receptor function

by Alasdair J. Gibb; Kevin K. Ogden; Miranda J. McDaniel; Katie M. Vance; Steven A. Kell; Chris Butch; Pieter Burger; Dennis C Liotta; Stephen Traynelis



Tumor angiogenesis therapy using targeted delivery of Paclitaxel to the vasculature of breast cancer metastases.

by Shijun Zhu; Walter Kisiel; Yang J. Lu; Lars C. Petersen; John M. Ndungu; Terry W. Moore; Ernest Theodore Parker; Aiming Sun; Dennis C Liotta; Bassel El-Rayes; Daniel J Brat; James P Snyder; Mamoru Shoji



A Novel Negative Allosteric Modulator Selective for GIuN2C/2D-Containing NMDA Receptors Inhibits Synaptic Transmission in Hippocampal Interneurons

by Sharon Swanger; Katie M. Vance; Timothy M. Acker; Sommer S. Zimmerman; John O. DiRaddo; Scott J. Myers; Christoffer Bundgaard; Cara A. Mosley; Samamtja L. Summer; David Menaldino; Henrik S. Jensen; Dennis Liotta; Stephen Traynelis



Structural elements of a pH-sensitive inhibitor binding site in NMDA receptors

by Michael C. Regan; Zongjian Zhu; Hongjie Yuan; Scott J. Myers; David Menaldino; Yesim A. Tahirovic; Dennis Liotta; Stephen Traynelis; Hiro Furukawa