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Should adenosquamous esophageal cancer be treated like adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma?

by Adriana C. Gamboa; Benjamin I. Meyer; Jeffrey M. Switchenko; Manali Rupji; Rachel M. Lee; Michael K. Turgeon; Maria Russell; Kenneth Cardona; David Kooby; Shishir Maithel; Mihir Shah



Importance of Low Preoperative Platelet Count in Selecting Patients for Resection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Multi-Institutional Analysis

by Shishir Kumar Maithel; Peter J Kneuertz; David A Kooby; Charles R Scoggins; Sharon M Weber; Robert CG Martin; Kelly M McMasters; Clifford S Cho; Emily R Winslow; William C Wood; Charles Staley



Laparoscopic versus open distal pancreatectomy for pancreatic cancer

by Deniece Riviere; Kurinchi Selvan Gurusamy; David Kooby; Charles M. Vollmer; Marc G. H. Besselink; Brian R. Davidson; Cornelis J. H. M. van Laarhoven



Conditional survival analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma

by Mihir Shah; Benjamin Meyer; Kevin Rhee; Rachel E NeMoyer; Yong Lin; Ching-Wei D Tzeng; Salma K Jabbour; Timothy J Kennedy; John L Nosher; David Kooby; Shishir Maithel; Darren R Carpizo



IGF1 Receptor Targeted Theranostic Nanoparticles for Targeted and Image-Guided Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer

by Hong Zhou; Weiping Qian; Fatih Uckun; Liya Wang; Y. Andrew Wang; Hongyu Chen; David Kooby; Qian Yu; Malgorzata Lipowska; Charles Staley; Hui Mao; Lily Yang