David J Murphy MD, PhD


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  • MD, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, 2002
  • PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2011

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Optimization of critical care pharmacy clinical services: A gap analysis approach COMMENT

by Andrea Sikora Newsome; Brian Murray; Susan E. Smith; Todd Brothers; Mohammad A. Al-Mamun; Aaron M. Chase; Sandra Rowe; Mitchell S. Buckley; David Murphy; John W. Devlin



Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Adults: Case Finding Through Systematic Review of Electronic Medical Records

by David Murphy; Julie Hollberg; M Melgar; J Haston; J DeCuir; Q Cheng; KE Arnold; L Meng; E Overton; M Tobin-D'Angelo; P Patel; AP Campbell; S Godfred-Cato; ED Belay



ICU and Ventilator Mortality Among Critically Ill Adults With Coronavirus Disease 2019.

by Sara Auld; Mark Caridi-Scheible; James Blum; Chad Robichaux; Colleen Kraft; Jesse Jacob; Craig Jabaley; David Carpenter; Roberta Kaplow; Alfonso C. Hernandez-Romieu; Max W. Adelman; Gregory Martin; Craig M. Coopersmith; David Murphy



Incidence and Trends of Sepsis in US Hospitals Using Clinical vs Claims Data, 2009-2014

by C Rhee; Raymund B. Dantes; L Epstein; David J Murphy; CW Seymour; TJ Iwashyna; SS Kadri; DC Angus; RL Danner; AE Fiore; John A Jernigan; Greg Martin; E Septimus; DK Warren; A Karcz; C Chan; JT Menchaca; R Wang; S Gruber; M Klompas



Changes in Transfusion Practice Over Time in the PICU

by Michael D. Dallman; Xinggang Liu; Anthony D. Harris; John R. Hess; Bennett B. Edelman; David J Murphy; Giora Netzer



Structure, Process, and Annual ICU Mortality Across 69 Centers: United States Critical Illness and Injury Trials Group Critical Illness Outcomes Study

by William Checkley; Greg Martin; Samuel M Brown; Steven Y Chang; Ousama Dabbagh; Richard D Fremont; Timothy D Girard; Todd W Rice; Micheal D Howell; Steven B Johnson; James O'Brien; Pauline K Park; Stephen M Pastores; Namrata T Patil; Anthony P Pietropaoli; Maryann Putman; Leo Rotello; Jaonathan Siner; Sahul Sajid; David J Murphy; Jonathan Sevransky



ICU staffing and patient outcomes: more work remains

by David Murphy; Eddy Fan; David M. Needham



Genomic profiling of ER+ breast cancers after short-term estrogen suppression reveals alterations associated with endocrine resistance

by Jennifer Giltnane; Katherine E. Hutchinson; Thomas P. Stricker; Luigi Formisano; Christian Young; Monica V. Estrada; Mellissa J Nixon; Liping Du; Violeta Sanchez; Paula Gonzales Ericsson; Maria Kuba; Melinda E. Sanders; Xinmeng J. Mu; Eliezer M. Van Allen; Nikhil Wagle Wagle; Ingrid A. Mayer; Vandana Abramson; Henry Gomez; Monica Rizzo; Weiyi Toy; Sarat Chandarlapaty; Eria L. Mayer; Joseph Christiansen; David J Murphy; Kerry Fitzgerald; Kai Wang; Jeffrey S. Ross; Vincent A. Miller; Phillip Stephens; Roman Yelensky; Levi Garraway; Yu Shyr; Ingrid Meszoely; Justin M. Balko; Carlos L. Arteaga