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To Pool, or Not to Pool?

by David J. Cutler; Jeffrey D. Jensen



Microdeletions of 3q29 Confer High Risk for Schizophrenia

by Jennifer Mulle; Anne F Dodd; John A. McGrath; Paula S. Wolyniec; Adele A. Mitchell; Amol C. Shetty; Nara L. Sobreira; David Valle; M. Katharine Rudd; Glen Alan Satten; David J Cutler; Ann E. Pulver; Stephen T. Warren



Microarray oligonucleotide probe designer (MOPeD): A web service

by Viren C. Patel; Kajari Mondal; Amol Carl Shetty; Vanessa L. Horner; Jirair K. Bedoyan; Donna Martin; Tamara Caspary; David J Cutler; Michael Zwick



The PAX1 locus at 20p11 is a potential genetic modifier for bilateral cleft lip

by David Cutler; Michael Epstein; Elizabeth Leslie; SW Curtis; D Chang; MK Lee; JR Shaffer; K Indencleef; JC Murray; E Feingold; TH Beaty; P Claes; SM Weinberg; ML Marazita; JC Carlson